Microsoft Antispyware


Recently Microsoft acquired “Giant anti spyware” program and started the fight with Spyware and adware. They named the program “Microsoft Antispyware” and are giving free Beta download of the program. This step affected all other Spyware removal programs who charge money for the removal. The sales drastically dropped. Microsoft announced that this program will be free as long as it will be in beta testing period. They said that there will be another Beta copy of the program and the final release will be after careful feedback of Microsoft users. The final release will not be Freely distributed. People judge this differently. Some says that this is another smart step from Microsoft, first they do the system with security holes, and then they distribute commercial program to protect from intrusion and remove parasites. Others are happy that Huge corporations finally admitted that spyware is a threat and started to fight against it. In my opinion Microsoft developers don’t leave security holes on intention. MS product are very popular and they are under constant attack by various hackers. Other programs are not so popular and not very interesting to hack. That’s why it looks like the product is done with holes on intention. Anyway is Microsoft antispyware good program? Only the time will tell, this will depend on what will be defined as spyware by MS. For example they can weaken Claria and whenU definitions like other programs did. Microsoft published criteria under which parasites will be identified. Criteria falls into 4 categories: Distribution/Installation/Removal Criteria Behavioral Criteria Security Criteria Privacy Criteria there is quite interesting statement: Programs which “Offers an affiliate program that pays a fee for distributing the software” might add a program is added for detection. Is that the End of Affiliate business? interesting…. I’ll keep updated this post after careful review of Microsoft antispyware program.

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