Ministerio del Interior Virus attacks Spanish PC users


Gobierno de Espana Ministerio del Interior or simply Ministerio del Interior virus is a Spanish threat, which belongs to ransomware category. Be sure that it seeks the only thing – to swindle your money, so stay away from it and never pay this fine, which is usually asked on its fake notification. Classically to the threats that hail from this category, Ministerio del Interior virus blocks computer as soon as it manages to get inside the system. Additionally, it looks like it replaces your desktop or continuously redirects you to a page, which shows officially-looking alert. This notification says that you have violated some laws by watching porn or spreading malware, and asks to pay 100 euro fine for that. Yes, this alert has fooled many Spanish users… However, the main thing you must remember is that such official institutions as Ministerio del Interior would never lock computer in order to collect their fines. You should ignore this alert and remove Ministerio del Interior virus if you see it on your desktop.

Ministerio del Interior virus starts its activity like other cyber infections: as soon as it gets inside the PC, it alters system’s and registry settings. As a result, your PC becomes blocked. Additionally, it shows its fake alert and waits until you pay your money. It claims something like that: ‘ Gobierno de Espana Ministerio del Interior! Su ordenador ha sido bloqueado! Usted es un contraventor, cuyos acciones son ilegales y implican responsabilidad criminal. La actividad de su ordenador fue detenida a causa de ciberactividad no autorizada.’ Please, never dopay the money for this threat because your PC will remain locked and you will be ripped off. It’s important to remove Ministerio del Interior virus from the system because it may download more viruses on machine and try to steal your personal and financial information.

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