MonaRonaDona is a diverse computer parasite. Sometimes it only puts the name “MonaRonaDona” on the title on Internet Explorer, but some versions of this malware are more advanced. MonaRonaDona may hijack a homepage and redirect user into human rights related website. MonaRonaDona also loads fabricated security alert that warns user about disappearing programs, deleting files and similar losses. Mona Rona Dona is not capable of removing data; however this computer parasite is extremely annoying.

MonaRonaDona is installed by another malware named Unigray. If Mona Rona Dona appears on your system, you should be concerned about both Unigray and MonaRonaDona infections. Unigray is able to re-install MonaRonaDona, if the later is removed. Remove Unigray in order to delete MonaRonaDona and clean your computer. If Unigray is already gone, use MonaRonaDona removal to erase this infection.

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