Web developers mistakes


Most common mistakes by web developers when creating commercial project

Mistake Nr.1: Creating a Website with Flash. Visitors come to your website using various types of different computers, internet connection speeds and configuration settings… What looks great on your system, doesn’t mean that will look great on another system. Flash is not clearly readable by Search engine spiders, so your site is not clearly visible and ranked well if you use Flash.

Mistake Nr.2: Creating site like “Internet catalog”. We can see lots of sites, lots of products, lots of websites promotes the same products. All this is confused to average internet user. Site owners usually think that they need to put everything on web, every single product, they think that user wants to see everything they have, that’s why they don’t miss anything and put online. Its wrong thinking. If you give visitor too many choices, they will become confused, and confused people never buys anything.

Mistake Nr.3: Optimizing Your Sales Site for the Search Engines. It is good to optimize the pages to the search engines. But usually developers understand this incorrectly. Marketer will add lots of keywords, reword your sales text to the keyword rich text. It might higher your position in serps, but it will lower the conversion. The balance must be maintained, create websites to People, not for search engines. Sales text is much more effective than keywords based text.

Mistake Nr.4: Having a “Graphics-Based” Website. Don’t get me wrong, there are some themes where huge graphics are needed and they lead to better sales, but the majority just looses the sales, because of too heavy graphic information. If graphics attracts the eye more than the product of sales text, you just lost another sale.

Mistake Nr.5: Designing a Website with Zero Marketing Experience. Most web designers have no idea how to make money on the internet, with
anything other than their design services. It’s not their fault – they simply have no or very little marketing and sales experience. The majority creates websites with wrong structure, uses wrong scripts. They make website hardly readable for spiders unintentionally… Just because they don’t know how to do that if the purpose is to sell on the web.

Mistake Nr.6: Bad Marketing. The majority still don’t understand that if marketing techniques will be used improperly, they can make damage to your site. Lots of people finds the best way to promote business by sending bulk emails, by spamming forums, blogs, by exchanging the links with anyone, even by spamming their own content with keywords, making doorway pages or cloaking content. You really need to be professional to do that, if you just heard these things and don’t understand what I’m talking about, then better don’t do anything, it will lead you to better success later by hiring marketing professional.

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