My Disk


My Disk is a rogue antispyware program that infiltrates into computers and spreads via Trojans in order to imitate security tool and sell it. Actually My Disk is completely useless and it was created only for one purpose – to rip computer users off. It’s a program that pretends to scan your computer for system errors. As soon as the program finish scanning, it claims you have to purchase My Disk in order the program could delete all malicious files.

While My Disk is running on the system you will also notice tons of fabricated pop up ads and security notifications warning that your system contains tons of critical errors. All problems will be related to your hard drive. Additionally, the program will block your legitimate programs claiming that they couldn’t be found or that they are infected.

Basically, every time you will try to do something on your system you will crash into My Disk application. Many computer users get lost in this situation and simply make a payment for this dangerous program. Then the goal of creators of My Disk is reached and you unfortunately are tricked.

To avoid this, you are recommended to have your antispyware upgraded to the newest version and never download anything from not trustful sources. If it happened for you to detect this malicious application on your computer, don’t hesitate and remove My Disk as soon as possible.

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