My Protection


My Protection application is not something what its name says. It’s another rogue antispyware program that pretends to be helpful in detecting and removing spyware infections but in reality My Protection must be removed itself. Until that the application will slow your system down and do everything in order to make you pay money for it.

Usually, the program comes bundled with Trojans without a slightest notification to the user. The Trojan also configures My Protection to start automatically when you restart your computer. The same will happen after each login to Windows.

First of all, My Protection runs a scanner and tries to persuade you it is checking your system for infections. When this process finishes, My Protection even displays a list of Trojans, spyware and other infections. It advices you to remove the infections immediately with a help of a full version of My Protection program. Second, My Protection fabricates numerous of pop up ads and security notifications warning about system threats detected.

Do not fall for the tricks of this malicious application. If you get redirected to a website of My Protection, do not make any payments there as you will only lose your money. Instead, delete My Protection right after you notice it on your system.

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