My Security Engine


My Security Engine is a dangerous application that infiltrates to computer systems completely secretly through the use of Trojans. The program is created to generate various deceiving pop up alerts and security notifications warning about potentially harmful software detected or infiltration of some dangerous viruses on your computer. My Security Engine also runs a bogus scanner which reports about some dangerous threats found on your system. In fact these files are created by the same Trojan that infected with My casino online Security Engine. They are completely harmless and created only to deceive computer users.

Both the results of scan performed by MySecurityEngine and security notifications are followed by recommendation to purchase a full version of a program. According to My Security Engine the full version of a program guarantees to remove the infections completely.

What you have to know is that My Security Engine is a fake application and it only imitates the functions of an antispyware program. You must get rid of My Security Engine right after its detection on your system. If you have made a payment for this scam application, immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Otherwise, you will be ripped off by computer hackers.

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