MyPcSecure is rogue security tool that belongs to infamous WiniSoft family. Traditionally, it spreads with a help of Trojan viruses that you may install while downloading flash updates or programs necessary to watch particular videos on the Internet. After installation MyPcSecure is configured to start automatically each time you log in to Windows. The program launches its scanners which pretend searching for infections. In reality these scanners simply displays the files that were created by the same Trojan at the very beginning of its infiltration.

That is why you have to ignore the scan results given by MyPcSecure as they don’t represent a real condition of your computer’s protection. Falsified scan results are not the only inconvenience caused by MyPcSecure application. The program is also able to hijack your Internet browser and as a result you will receive tons of messages by Windows Security Center when you try to go to some website. Then it will redirect you to a website of MyPcSecure where you will be offered to purchase a license of the program. The Trojan also keeps displaying fake security messages on your desktop that alert about spyware infections found on your system.

As you can see, MyPcSecure is trying to fool you in order to get money. Avoid this program and once detected get a removal guide of MyPcSecure to get rid of it for all the time.

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