N-case.win32, CoolWebSearch(CWS).win32 and Backdoor.SdBot.gen


Many security tools promoted online are non-functional and fraudulent. You should do a little research every time you want to try a new anti-spyware or anti-virus, otherwise you may end up with corrupt security tool like Antivir 64.

Antivir64 is a scam, but it loads very convincing security reports. Recognizing if security alert is real or fabricated is a difficult task, but you can identify the scam if you know names of the fabricated threats. Antivir 64 usually reports infections named N-case.win32, CoolWebSearch(CWS).win32 and Backdoor.SdBot.gen. Sometimes it also warns about I-Worm.Sobig and TrojanDropper.JS.Mimail treats. There used to be computer parasites named like that several years ago, but the possibility of CoolWebSearch(CWS).win32 or others infecting a computer today is very rare.

If you receive pop-ups warning you about N-case.win32 or Backdoor.SdBot.gen or CoolWebSearch(CWS).win32, you should be concerned about Antivir 64 malware. It is not capable of detecting any infections. It loads fabricated reports, trying to sell a copy of non-functional anti-virus. Remove Antivir64 and the pop-ups will be gone as well.

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