Nava Shield


Nava Shield is a rogue antispyware program created by cyber criminals who attempt to find new ways to steal money from ordinary computer users. Nava Shield was designed to imitate a legitimate antispyware program so that computer users would purchase it for security purposes.

The application infiltrates into random computer systems through Trojan viruses. This type of infiltration is completely secret so the program can only be noticed when it is already running in the system. NavaShield is able to generate tons of security notifications and pop up ads that states fake information that your system contains spyware infections, etc. These notifications state that your system contains tons of infections and recommend running system scan with a full version of Nava Shield. There should be mentioned that this is a paid version so that is how its creators are getting money.

Do not trust any warnings that mention Nava Shield as a reputable antispyware program. They are all fake and displayed only in order to trick computer users. Please make sure to remove NavaShield, as soon as you notice any signs of its existence on your system.

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