These days common computer user is smart enough not to download fake video codecs, suspicious security tools and not to open email messages with strange attachments. However malware creators don’t fall behind and made a new project. NetBrowserPro is presented as new and exclusively secured browser. Another statement says that with NetBrowserPro you can surf malicious websites without a danger to be infected.

Needless to say, all these slogans are just s trick to make people to install this crap. After getting on a computer NetBrowserPro starts acting like no one legitimate and secure program should. It requires downloading MovieCommander which is malware. Furthermore MovieCommander can download more trojans and corrupt security tools, so once you install NetBrowserPro, you get the whole family of security threats.

NetBrowserPro is promoted as browser, but you won’t be able to surf the web, as all it shows is malicious websites where you can get more infected programs. Avoid NetBrowserPro! Luckily both anti-spyware and antivirus programs are capable to detect and remove it. If you don’t use any of these programs, download spyware doctor to remove NetBrowserPro.

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