New Antivirus 2010


New Antivirus 2010 is a malicious application that is lately spreading on more and more computer systems. The application comes bundled with Trojan viruses which often pretend to be programs necessary to download in order to watch some videos online etc.

New Antivirus 2010 actually has nothing in common with a security tool. However, it imitates practically every function of anti-spyware program. At the very beginning, New Antivirus 2010 loads a fake scanner and simulates looking for infections. Unfortunately, the scanner is not able to detect any real threats, so it simply displays legitimate program and claims them to be infections. In order to remove so-called infections you will be asked to purchase a full version of New Antivirus 2010.

As I already mentioned, the scanner of New Antivirus 2010 doesn’t detect real infection, so you shouldn’t even try to remove them form your system, especially, with a help of a full version of New Antivirus 2010. The same should be said about manually removal of infections detected by New Antivirus 2010. You can delete some legitimate program which will affect proper operation of your Windows.

The best you can do, if you detect any signs of New Antivirus 2010 on your system is removing it with a reputable anti-spyware program or consulting some removal instructions of New Antivirus 2010 given by security experts.

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