New facts that you may not know about Cryptolocker virus


Cryptolocker virus is not a new thing. It was spreading around from the middle of 2014.  Nevertheless, there are thousands of PC users who are tricked into downloading this threat to their computers each day. Some of them fall for downloading an infected email attachment, others click on malicious link displayed on a fake notification. If you want to stay safe, ignore all email messages that are full of typo or grammar mistakes. They may inform you about missing payments, winnings and similar things that are supposed to trick you into downloading an infected attachment. In addition, stay away from alerts offering you to update Flash Player, Java or any other program because you can easily install this crypto-malware. For updating programs I have always been offering people to visit their official websites.

If Cryptolocker enters the system, it not simply infects it. The main thing that it initiates is the encryption of each of victim’s files. So, if this ransomware infects your computer, you may notice that you can’t open your music files, important documents, photos and other files. It can be a serious pain if you are the owner of some company, freelancer, etc. For getting ability to decrypt your files, you will be asked to pay a ransom via Tor web browser. In most of the cases, this threat asks to pay a $300 USD ransom. Besides, it seems that this threat can affect not only Windows OS. According to the latest reports, Cryptolocker ransomware is now capable of affecting Android OS, so please be very carefuk if you are using this operating system.

If you think that you have become one of victims, you should follow these Cryptolocker virus removal instructions.  Make sure you carefully follow every step in order to avoid a complete damage of your files.

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