New Scam from Fake.Vimes – Windows Sleek Performance


Have a close look to a new member in Fake.Vimes family. Windows Sleek Performance appeared on the Internet just today to continue the work started by the creators of Fake.Vimes rogues program. The application infects random system imitating system updates or simply uses fake scanner online

Once inside, Windows Sleek Performance uses various tactics to convince you that your system is infected. Malicious activity starts with imitating system scans and finishes with displaying pop up ads and security notifications that provide information that is far away from reality.

You shouldn’t trust any piece of information that includes promoting Windows Sleek Performance as a security tool. Since Fake.Vimes family is spreading so wide you should also be very cautious downloading various programs and make sure to find information about them before downloading.

Remove Windows Sleek Performance if it happened for you to detect it on your machine.


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