New Ukash threat – this time it’s SOPA virus


Ukash virus group is rapidly spreading around and this time it is a SOPA virus, which will seek to make users think they have been violating the law. Known as SOPA or S.O.P.A, this ransomware acts just like its predecessors – it firstly blocks the computer down and then displays its misleading message always demanding the fine of $200 or 200 euros. I should also say that this virus has been found to spread not only in USA or Europe – it is distributed in both regions so you must be especially careful to avoid getting infected with this threat.

Just like any other Ukash virus, this ransomware is distributed via spam emails, freeware, shareware and other files that have been infected with trojan locker. Once this threat enters computer, it modifies some system’s parameters and starts launching together with every computer’s reboot. It will also replace your desktop with this misleading alter that seems to belong to SOPA (organization that fights against online piracy). However, the thing is that such institutions like this one don’t lock computers in order to have people paid the fines for them.

If you are disabled by SOPA virus at the moment, you should get rid of its message, which will keep showing on your screen everytime you reboot your computer, immediately. This virus won’t leave your computer just after rebooting the system and using the scanner. That’s why I highly recommend follwing this detailed SOPA virus removal guide on my other project.

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