New Virus Windows Safeguard Upgrade launched just after 3 days


I think guys behind Fakevimes had some Exams or a Party. The security forums were so calm compared with regular days.. We were used to get a new Fakevimes parasite everyday. We missed you 🙂 So here is the new one called Windows Safeguard Upgrade. As usual this is the same old Skin of the program, which was used and described hundreds of times. This nasty virus gets into computer without user consent and imitates activity of the legal program provided with Windows system.

Windows Safeguard Upgrade will scan your system and show, that your PC is infected with numerous parasites. All this process of scanning and finding some threats is a complete fake. The only virus is the Windows Safeguard Upgrade itself.
Follow the removal guide to remove Windows Safeguard Upgrade.


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