Nortel Antivirus


Don’t mix Nortel Antivirus with the reputable Norton Antivirus software! This rogue will not increase the protection of your PC and will not remove any kind of parasite because it is worthless. NortelAntivirus is designed and named similarly to one of reputable programs by scammers just to gain the purchase, so don’t fall into this mess.
Nortel Antivirus breaks in the computer without any permission through Trojans and other malware. It must be added that this rogue application can be available on some misleading websites. After it is in, parasite starts continuously scan the PC and falsely detects tons of infections. There is no surprise that for the removal the “full” version of Nortel Antivirus is promoted. Don’t fall into this! Get rid of Nortel Antivirus as soon as possible!

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