Notorious infection Smart HDD changed the name to Data Recovery


Smart HDD virus, which bother computer users for quite a long time, has its follower called Data Recovery. This Family used the same tactics as other spyware developers, they changed only the Name, everything else (GUI, random files) they left the same. The new virus is called Data Recovery. Its is a useless defragmenter which will show you fake errors to mislead you. If you click on Data recovery alert, it will ask you to purchase its Paid version to fix all those fake hardware errors.

Data recovery name for the virus infection was used before in mid 2011. So If you are infected with Data Recovery you need to look which product you are infected with.

Here are the removal instructions for both Data Recovery viruses. Follow the screenshots to see which virus you are infected with:

  • The new one Data Recovery (at 2-spyware we named it smart data recovery for the users to see the difference)
  • The old one Data Recovery

Cheers 😉

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