Omega AntiVir


Omega AntiVir or OmegaAntiVir is a potentially bad security program which will ruin your computer and steal your money by its malicious actions, executed in the background. Omega AntiVir secretly breaks in the PC system via Trojan Zlob or Trojan Downloader and spam e-mails or bad websites are also widely used by this scam. Once it is in, the program starts continuously scanning the machine for parasites. There is no surprise that tons of different viruses are found by this badware and purchasing the “full” version of Omega AntiVir is recommended for the removal.
Don’t think your computer is heavily infected after seeing security alerts, produced by this rogue virus scanner. Omega AntiVir just tries to push you into spending your money for the “full” its version which is absolutely worthless. I would heavily recommend you not to fall into this scam and get rid of Omega AntiVir as soon as you can.

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