One Clean is a rogue anti-spyware program that you should stay away from. It’s an application that is infiltrated through Trojan viruses and once inside uses a bunch of methods in order to trick computer user into paying for OneClean. These Trojans spread on dangerous Internet sites where usually you will be offered to use online scanner in order to check your system for viruses.

If you have noticed OneClean running on your system, you must remove it as soon as possible. But first, let’s first talk about what One Clean does to your system.

After infiltration, One Clean runs system scanner and pretends to look for infections just like an antispyware program would do. Then the program creates a list of infections ands tells to remove them by purchasing a full version of OneClean. Actually One Clean doesn’t identify any real infections and the files displayed on its scan results are completely harmless. The program only seeks to make you believe they are infections and purchase One Clean.

Later it displays some security notifications which warn about spyware infections as well. These messages are fabricated too and displayed in order to make you purchase One Clean application.

Do not take this fake program for granted. Remove Once Clean right when you detect it running on your computer.

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