Online poker bonuses


Online poker would not exist without poker bonuses. The higher the bonus room may give the more visitors it receives. Every more advanced poker player searches for sites offering higher bonuses before downloading it. The most common is sign up bonus, when you get 100% or even more bonus when you make your very first deposit. Let's say if you deposit 50USD, another 50USD will be transferred to your account and you will have 100USD to play with. There might be some limits on sign up bonus, let's say 100% up to $500 bonus, means if you deposit 700USD, you will only receive 500USD as bonus, so that the total sum on your real money account will be 1200USD. Now there are some pros and cons that should be known about bonuses:
Let's review the pros firstly:

  • Financial benefit. Well that's obvious. Everyone wants some free $, the higher the bonus the more cash you get.
  • Shopping around. You do not invest much money to the room and if you do not like it, you may withdraw and move to another online poker room.
  • No obligation. You may collect bonuses and live from that. Let's  say you come to one poker room, get the bonus, play some rake hand and you may withdraw what you have deposited + the bonus. Easy as is. Later you can move to another poker room and do the same over there.

Some Cons:

  • Clearing requirements. Always read the bonus clearing requirements, they may be ridiculous sometimes. So be careful and do not hope that poker room will give you $1000 bonus for free.
  • Time. Check the time period you have to clear out the bonus. Usually it's 30 days. If you do not manage to clear out your bonus, it is removed from your account.
  • Overconfidence. Sometimes people who get the bonus, treat this money as it was a present and they play with it not as with his own money. Respect the bonus, it's as real money as your salary. What is easy to get is also easy to waste.

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  1. Very solid overview of poker bonuses.