Online poker players’ styles


There are 4 main online poker players style, or the ways they play:

  • Loose-Aggressive. These are the most common online poker players. They play lots of hands and if betting they bet a lot, often moves all in and etc. These guys are pretty hard to play with, if they bet every hand you simply do not know whether he has anything or not. But wait for a good hand and make the best of it.
  • Tight Aggressive. Such players play monster hands only. They hardly or never bluffs. When he has a strong hand he lets other know that by betting a lot. And quite often they get called by loose aggressive players. Usually tight aggressive players win. These guys play good poker, but if they bet you better fold..
  • Loose-Passive. These guys check and call small bets, just to see the flop or river or even turn. But even holding AA he will not make a raise pre flop. Very dangerous players, you may get called by such a guy and you never know what he or she holds..
  • Tight-Passive. These players are boring. They fold everything they get and you sometimes wonder what the heck he's doing at this table. But if he limps in, he must be holding AA or KK.. So better fold then..

Recognize the player you play with and use the proper strategy. That's the way to victory 😉

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