Online Protection Tool


Online Protection Tool is a newly released computer infection that you should stay away from. The application strongly resembles legitimate security warning by Windows which misleads many computer users into believing their systems contain infections. The purpose of Online Protection Tool is to make computer users purchase its full licensed version.

Once you detect it on your computer, you can be sure your computer was infected by Trojan virus. Online Protection Tool warning usually pops up while you are surfing the Internet. The warning states your browser is under the threat of infection which may cause the loss of your personal data and computer breakage. Please don’t take such message seriously and do NOT purchase Online Protection Tool as you will be ripped off.

Run a full system scan once you see the traces of Online Protection Tool. Make sure to remove Online Protection Tool as soon as possible. Don’t let cyber criminals to trick you and steal your money that easily. Keep your System protected all the time with a legitimate security tool.

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