OpenCloud Antivirus


It seems like many PC users have been inffected by OpenCloud AV dangerous malware. Some of them may have even paid for its license and gave their money for scammers in this way. Once again, I must warnyou about Open Cloud Antivirus which is a nasty PC virus! It attacks PC users unnoticeably through the backdoor of the system. Trojans are responsible for the secret intrusion of this virus, so make sure you get rid of it immediately after you notice any sign of this threat on your machine. As soon as Open Cloud virus manages to get inside, it sets the only aim – to rip you off eventually. In most of the cases, this malware starts reporting numerous viruses detected on PC and then offers a way how they can be eliminated. Of course, this help will require some money because the licensed version of Open Cloud AV is paid. Never fall into this trick! Paying for the licensed version is useless because there is no such! Remove Open Cloud Antivirus instead of giving your money for scammers.

One Response to “OpenCloud Antivirus”

  1. Marty says:

    These fucking bastards have disabled my spyware– they should be executed publically these aggravating son of a bitches