OpenCloud Antivirus


OpenCloud Antivirus is a rogue antivirus application, a clone of previously mentioned Wolfram Antivirus. It uses fake scanner and displays falsified messages about your computer. The application uses Trojan viruses to make the infiltration into random computer system completely secretly. Once you start believing in OpenCloud Antivirus and act under the rules that the fake alert tells you to act, it enters your system and takes it over completely.

The program pretends scanning your computer for infections. Then it warns that your computer is badly infected and in order to remove infections, you are asked to purchase a license of OpenCloud Antivirus. The truth is that it only attempts to receive some money from you. However, you will not get any program even if you pay. Everything is simple. Such program actually doesn’t exist. It’s just a trick created by cyber criminals in order to steal your money.

Do not pay any attention of the security notifications and pop up ads either. They are just as fake as the scanner of OpenCloud Antivirus. Please make sure to get rid of OpenCloud Antivirus as soon as you detect it on your system.


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