Page rank


People still messing with Page rank. Some even don’t know what it is, others thinks that its the main Criteria to look after. There are lots of different term used in the market:
Toolbar PageRank (PR), Google Directory PR, Real PageRank, PR Algorithm, PageRank Devalued, Goggle Dance, PR Bleed, Visible PR, PageRank Updates…
Some people don’t care about it at all. Some people mixes their meanings. There is whole myths created about Page Rank and its value.
Various webmaster forums are full of questions:
What is PR? How PR is calculated? How can I get PR6 and higher? Is it worth to buy PR9, PR8 links? I dropped to PR0, what should I do? Do I need high PageRank links to high Rankings? What is PageRank really good for anyway? Is PageRank meaningless now?
These questions and many more I’ll explain in my weblog. Keep visiting and post your questions.

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