Locky virus: still on rampage

March 14th, 2016

Since the middle of February, when the Locky virus has come into daylight, it still remains a hot topic among cyber security experts. Within its period of spreading, it has infiltrated into thousands of computers already. Along with individual users, companies have been hacked as well. Those who haven’t encountered the virus yet (luckily!) might […]


The downsides of Yoursites123 virus

March 14th, 2016

If your search engine has been replaced with Yoursites123 without your consent, you should be alert since it is not another search engine alternative, but a browser hijacker. Since it can be quite annoying and cause some serious problems, you should not keep it on your computer. Thus, delete Yoursites123.com from your computer. The majority […]


New facts that you may not know about Cryptolocker virus

February 12th, 2015

Cryptolocker virus is not a new thing. It was spreading around from the middle of 2014.  Nevertheless, there are thousands of PC users who are tricked into downloading this threat to their computers each day. Some of them fall for downloading an infected email attachment, others click on malicious link displayed on a fake notification. […]


CryptoWall – a virus that can easily block your files

January 20th, 2015

If you have never heard about CryptoWall then you should dedicate some time for reading this. For those who have no idea how harmful this threat is, I should say three words – file-encrypting ransomware. To be more precise, you should know that this threat is capable of encrypting predetermined files that are kept on […]


Some things I’ve found after testing Search.Conduit.com virus

February 13th, 2014

Some days ago I received an email from one of my followers asking me about Search.Conduit.com virus and its removal. Of course, I had already been familiar with these discussions on the Internet reporting about continuous infiltration of this redirect virus and its complicated removal. However, I had never had this virus on my computer, […]