PC Antivirus Pro


PC Antivirus Pro is one of the latest rogue antispyware programs which spread with a help of Trojan viruses. The program doesn’t choose which computer systems to infect. It uses Trojan viruses for the infiltration purposes and that means every computer can be infected without even notifying about it.

As soon as PC Antivirus Pro is installed into the system it is also configured to start automatically when system is restarted. Then your computer will be filled with pop up messages stating that your system is infected and recommending to purchase PC Antivirus Pro.

Moreover, the program will run a scanner and make a list of supposedly malicious files. You will be recommended to immediately remove them by purchasing a full version of PC Antivirus Pro.

While PC Antivirus Pro is running on the system, you will also be disturbed while browsing the Internet. The program often redirects to malicious websites promoting PC Antivirus Pro and where you can also make a payment for a program.

Do not pay for PC Antivirus Pro no matter what it would state. It’s an infection that you should stay clear of. Get rid of PC Antivirus Pro immediately after its detection.

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