PC Defender 2010


PC Defender 2010 is a rogue application created by people who are looking for easy ways to earn money. PC Defender 2010 is pushed to many computer systems as an antispyware program by in reality it has nothing in common with a security tool.

The program is installed with a help of Trojan viruses. Once it is inside, PC Defender 2010 changes some of the files in your Windows Registry so that it could take control of the infected system. PC Defender 2010 runs a scanner and imitates looking for infections. Then it displays a list of supposedly infected files and recommends removing them with a help of PC Defender 2010. You only have to pay for its license.

Moreover, PC Defender 2010 will bombard the infected system with security notifications. They will also recommend you purchasing a full version of a program in order to ensure protection to your computer.

Please, remove PC Defender 2010 as soon as you notice it on your system. Use a legitimate antispyware program or reliable removal instructions of PC Defender 2010.

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