PC Defender Antivirus


PC Defender Antivirus is a rogue program that spreads over the Internet and secretly infiltrates into computers with a help of Trojan viruses. Once there, the program uses a bunch of ways to convince you into believing your system contains tons of infections and later offers its own services to remove every detected threat.

While PCDefenderAntivirus is running on the system, it continuously displays security notifications and pop up ads which warn about system threats. Moreover, the program loads its scanner which in fact is fake and only imitates performing system scan. Therefore, the program generates a list of potential threats and offers purchasing PC Defender Antivirus in order to remove those threats.

Do not fall for this trick because you will finally end up losing your money and getting no removal tool. Beware that once you reveal your credit card details, your card will be charged but you’ll get no program. PC Defender Antivirus was created just for one purpose – to rip computer users off. Do not become one of those people.

Please remove PC Defender Antivirus manually or download a legitimate antispyware tool and fix it automatically.

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