PC Guardian 2010


PC Guardian 2010 is a rogue anti-spyware program which pretends to be a legitimate one and convinces computer users purchasing it. Typically, PC Guardian 2010 spreads via Trojans.

The program is downloaded and installed automatically. It is activated when computer is restarted and is running all the time no matter what other program you will run. At first you will notice PC Guardian 2010 to run its scanner. When the imitated system scan will be done, PC Guardian 2010 will display a list of infections and insist you removing them. Additionally you will be asked to pay for a license of PC Guardian 2010 as only a full version of a program promises to remove infections.

Moreover, PC Guardian 2010 generates pop up messages warning about certain system errors and advising to purchase a license of PC Guardian 2010 as well.

As you see, you must avoid this scan application and never install anything it suggests. In case PC Guardian 2010 was installed into your system automatically, you must take care of removing it as soon as possible. You can either remove PC Guardian 2010 manually consulting its removal guide or automatically using a legitimate antispyware tool.

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