PC-Guide is a malicious application created by Korean hackers in order to rip computer users off. It is advertised on Internet websites with online scanners suggesting checking your system for infections. Usually, you are redirected to such websites unwillingly or they are advertised through pop up ads. If you click on them you will end up on the website of PC-Guide scanning your system with fake scanner.

Once the scan by PC-Guide finishes, you are offered to purchase its full version so that it could remove the infections found. In reality, this won’t help you to get rid of any kind of infections. PC-Guide is neither able to detect nor to remove any malicious files.

Please do not fall for such tricks of computer hackers as this is what they reach – to swindle your money away. If you have already been infected by PC-Guide and you made a payment for it, please contact your credit company and dispute the charges. PC-Guide is definitely not a program you need or want to have on your system. Make sure to remove PC-Guide as soon as you detect in inside.

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