PC Scout


One more poorly created rogue anti-spyware has reached the Internet and this one is called PC Scout. PCScout is a tricky application which should be uninstalled instead of being purchased. It uses misleading reports about various cyber parasites found and loads fake security messages that all look suspicious because of numbers of grammar mistakes there. Some of the sentences, produced by PC Scout, look like these:

“Most of the viruses and worms on your PC because of visiting pornosites or warez/torrent sites.”,
“There were found 1 dangerous viruses on your computer. It is strongly recommended to remove them ASAP.” or
“Internet Explorer is infected with worm Rootkit.Win32.Agent.pp.”.

Finally, PC Scout offers purchasing its “full” version for the removal of the alerted parasites and asks you to pay the money. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing that in any circumstances because everything is actually false. Instead of purchasing this rogue anti-spyware, you should remove all the files connected to it. Don’t waste your time and get rid of PC Scout immediately after noticing its misleading actions in the system of your PC!


2 Responses to “PC Scout”

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