PC Security Guardian


PC Security Guardian is a rogue antispyware program that was designed by computer hackers in order to steal computer users’ money. It’s an application that warns about your system infections and offers purchasing its own program in order to fix protection problems.

PC Security Guardian infiltrates with a help of Trojan viruses and that makes the infiltration completely secret. Once inside, the program uses a fake scanner which pretends looking for infections. The program states that your computer was infected by tons of different infections and recommends removing them with a full version of PC Security Guardian. As talking about all rogue programs that is the main goal of their creators – to sell something useless and gain money for that.

Additionally, the program creates fake pop up ads and security notifications which warn that your system is badly infected and promote PC Security Guardian as a program to fix this. Please remove PC Security Guardian without a slightest doubt. It’s a rogue antispyware program that was created just to get your money from you. run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program to make sure your system is completely clean from infections.

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