PC TotalDefender


PCTotalDefender should be named PC invader because this name is more relevant to its features. PC Total Defender is advertised as anti-spyware, but it actually infiltrates computers as malware. This program is not the one to trust.

PC TotalDefender is installed by trojans. It pretends to be a security tool in order to gain a purchase. Do not trust scan reports, system alerts and other security related messages loaded by PCTotalDefender! All the pop-ups displayed by this application are fabricated. Remove PC Total Defender without hesitation.

One Response to “PC TotalDefender”

  1. Harry says:

    Dear PC Total Defender you have sent a virus to my computer which i am complety unsatisfied with Please Do not send future viruses of any kind to my computer I am complety sick of the virus threats that have come up i have addressed those virsues and cleared them Please Do not send out Reports of any viruses or Virus Scanner
    I am totally disapointment with your service and ask that you remove this virus immediatly any violation and you will be taken legal actions we are complety utterly sick of your virus it sent even that we could not delete it.
    That we’d have to pay for it

    Please Delete this inconvienent service to my computer
    If you need further information be sure to e-mail me only do not try to call me

    Harry Webb