PCDefender is another fake antispyware application that was created only for one purpose – to steal computer users money. Anyone can become a victim of this malware as it spreads with a help of trojans. PC Defender doesn’t ask for your permission to be installed and doesn’t even notify about it.

You can recognize PC Defender from the fake scanners running on your system and fake alerts, claiming your system is infected and can only be fixed if you purchase a licensed version of PCDefender. Regardless all of such statements do not purchase this application. PC Defender has no useful qualities and was created just to trick people and make money from them.

The scanner will display it has detected numerous of spyware and recommend to purchase PC Defender too. Keep in mind that those scan results are falsified. The files that are displayed as threats have also been created by the same Trojan that downloaded and installed PCDefender. Stay away from the tricks of PC Defender. However, if you have already purchased the program, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Remove PC Defender without any doubts right after the detection.

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