PcDocPro is a malicious anti-spyware rogue application that is ready to do everything in order to convince computer users to purchase PcDocPro software. The program promises to fix the problem of slow PC speed, repair invalid files, links to broken applications, empty registry keys and many other useful functions.

PcDocPro is distributed on its official websites, like pcdocpro.com. They suggest computer users to scan their computer systems for free. Then the program uses Trojan viruses and the PcDocPro infects the system without your permission and without any notification. After the scan is finished Pc Doc Pro displays tons of infections and strongly offers to use their services buy paying for a program. Moreover, if your system is infected you will constantly see pop ups and security notifications announcing about your system protection problems and insisting purchasing PcDocPro application. You computer will also get extremely slow because Pc Doc Pro uses lots of your system resources.

You have to remove PcDocPro right after its first signs on your system. If you have already purchased it, please contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Pc Doc Pro is not an application to keep on your computer.

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