Computer hackers have created one more fake program. The application is called PCommander and it is wildly distributed via Trojan viruses. PCommander behaves just like legitimate antispyware program though it’s nothing like that.

The program infiltrates by force via Trojan viruses so it’s practically impossible to avoid it. Then it modifies some settings and takes over the whole system. PCommander uses its bogus scanner for imitating system check for infections. Besides, it is able to generate bogus security notifications in order to make you think your system is badly infected.

At the same time PCommander offers fixing system infections if only you pay for it’s so called full version of a program.

In reality such version doesn’t even exist, so once you pay you lose your money for all the time. That’s why secyrity experts strongly recommend uninstalling PCommander once you notice it on your system. If it happened to you to make a payment for PCommander make sure to contact your credit card as soon as possible and dispute the charges.

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