PC Protectar is a fake antispyware program that infects computers in order to take money from computer users. It is installed the same way as many other fake antispyware programs – via trojans. PCprotectar is very similar to unfamiliar GreatDefender or PcsProtector.

PCprotectar installs into your computer just after the Trojan is downloaded and started. The application runs automatically when you boot your computer. PC Protectar will start scanning your computer and announce about infected files. Remember that these files don’t harm your system at all. Everything is created to trick you and make you purchase a “full” version of the software.

Do not purchase anything that PCprotectar offers you to buy. The scan results are all falsified and your computer will get even more infections, if you decide to purchase PC Protectar. Plus you will lose your money. If you already detected this malware on your computer, remove PCprotector as soon as possible.

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