Pcs Protector


Pcs Protector is a new fake antispyware program that enters to random computers and distorts their functions. It’s one of the most aggressive malware that modifies essential system parameters at the very moment Pcs Protector installs itself. Pcs Protector mainly infects computers with a help of Trojans. The application imitates scanning computer and displays tons of notifications which make you believe your computer is at a great risk. Then undoubtedly you will get asked for a license payment which is supposed to activate the full version of Pcs Protector and remove the detected threats. Even if the scan will look exactly like an ordinary scan program, do not agree to pay any money as your computer will get even more infections. Ignore any kind of PcsProtector statements that promises to ensure your computer protection.

If you discover that your computer is infected with Pcs Protector, obtain a good anti-spyware program to delete Pcs Protector and all the malicious files associated with it.

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