PcsSecure is not an application to trust. It’s just a rogue computer protection software that comes from WiniSoft family of fake anti-spyware. Pcs Secure spreads by imitating online scanner or a program necessary to download if you want to view some videos online.

No matter how it enters into your computer, Pcs Secure does the same harm every time. The application hijacks your browser so you randomly see security warnings when you try to reach one or another website. PcsSecure displays a notification by Windows Security Center which is falsified as well. Each time you will be rebooting your computer, Pcs Secure will run its scanner. There is no need to say that it’s another scam and the scan results generated are completely made up. Pcs Secure simply shows the files that were created by the Trojan right after it infected your computer.

Every single action by Pcs Secure is followed by suggestion to purchase a license for the program. Sadly, Pcs Secure is not able to protect your computer or to remove any parasites. It’s just a program created by cyber criminals in order to rip off your money. Do not pay for this scam, instead get a guide to remove Pcs Secure.

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