Perfect Defender 2009


People often ask about the parasite called Perfect Defender 2009. This rogue is usually characterized to annoy computer users to death and take their money deceitfully. The tactics which is used by PerfectDefender2009 consists of breaking in the computer system secretly with a help of Trojans. Right after being installed, it starts displaying bogus Security Center alerts to trick you, trustful computer owners, into paying for the “full” PerfectDefender 2009 version.
Perfect Defender 2009 shows continuous pop-up messages about Windows Firewall, which has blocked activity of harmful software. Also, it prompts you to the website where this rogue is aggressively advertised to remove all these parasites perfectly. However, the truth is that there is no viruses detected in your computer system and this anti-malware is a parasite by itself. Perfect Defender 2009  must be removed right after detection.

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