Do not trust unknown security tools! Of course software developing companies present new programs all the time, but you should be suspicious every time you see a download of tool that is advertised as magical solution for every security issue. When in doubts that software you are interested in might be a scam, check if it’s on corrupt anti spyware list.
PerformanceOptimizer is one of the rogue anti spyware tools. If you have this software on your computer, use PerformanceOptimizer removal to get rid of it. PerformanceOptimizer is a malware. It displays false scan reports in order to gain a purchase. If you don’t buy Performance Optimizer, it keeps displaying annoying pop-ups.

One Response to “PerformanceOptimizer”

  1. Rose says:

    Please be advised so far I am unable to access your product. Everytime I try to run a security scan, I continue to get the message that the software has been damaged and thus could not be downloaded thus is unable to run scan.