Personal Anti Malware


Personal Anti Malware or Personal Antimalware Center is a fake security tool that uses aggressive techniques in order to convince computer users to purchase its license and in this way rip people off. The rogue is promoted with the help fake scanners online that scans the system without asking a user of computer and displays enormous number of various infections. Next the program offers purchasing a full version of Personal Anti Malware in order to remove the detected infections.

Besides, Personal Anti Malware constantly generates fake pop up ads and security notifications which provide false information as well. For example, it states that your system is infected by Trojan virus that attempts to steal and corrupt your private information. Finally, Personal Anti Malware hijacks your Internet Explorer so that when you try to surf the Internet it redirects you to website. This website was created to promote Personal Anti Malware Center.

You should delete Personal Anti Malware as soon as you notice its first signs on your system. This application will not only annoy you with fabricated scanners, pop ups and security notifications but also slow down your system unbearably and deteriorates your Operating System.

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