Personal AntiSpy


Personal AntiSpy is the newest fraud using online pop-ups for distribution. PersonalAntiSpy spreads through misleading advertisements: the adds are disguised as security alerts offering system scan. If user clicks on such a pop-up, web browser is redirected to the online scan page which is actually a counterfeit. If the user believes in this scam and downloads PersonalAntiSpy software for computer protection, he gets nothing more but a malware. PersonalAntiSpy isn’t able to install itself on your computer without your permission; be wise and do not download this infection on your own.

If installed, Personal Anti Spy reports numerous infections and offers buying full version for deleting the threats. If user pays the money, the pop-ups still appear. Personal AntiSpy is only capable of loading pop-ups, but it’s no good for removing infections. PersonalAntiSpy may also advertise other fraudulent tools. Do not trust this application and delete is as soon as possible. Use Personal AntiSpy removal if this malware is bothering you.

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