Personal Antivirus


Personal Antivirus is yet another bogus anti-spyware program advertised as a reliable security application. First of all, this program is classified as a rogue program because it is promoted through the use of trojans and other malware. Various malicious web sites provide free anti-malware scanners, display false scan results and then suggest downloading Personal Antivirus in order to remove these infections. Don’t download and purchase this program, regardless of what it tells you. When running, this parasite will pretend to scan your computer and display various bogus infections that won’t be removed until you first purchase the program. This is a very common method, used by almost all rogue applications, especially security related ones. Then Personal Antivirus will flood your computer with fake security alerts stating that your computer is under attack or has many security issues. Don’t be fooled. The only real infection is Personal Antivirus itself. That’s why you have to remove Personal Antivirus form your computer upon detection, otherwise it may download additional malware which later can cause even more damage to the system.


2 Responses to “Personal Antivirus”

  1. elijah says:

    what is the license key of personal anti virus

    • gabriele says:

      Personal Antivirus is a scam and there is no license key of this parasite. You should uninstall it and scan your PC with reputable anti-virus.