Personal Guard 2009


Personal Guard 2009 should be considered as a rogue anti-spyware so you shouldn’t dream to improve your PC protection after purchasing it. Many computer users have complained that PersonalGuard2009 uses malicious tactics which is based on the only point – stealing the money. This rogue spyware remover poses to scan the system and declares to detect tons of different malware or other junk everytime you start browsing the Net. It misleadingly reports that the protection level of your PC is extremely low and that purchasing the “full” version of Personal Guard 2009 is urgently needed. However, don’t believe any infection reported by this scam because they are all made up. Also, please don’t purchase, download and install Personal Guard 2009 if you want to keep your PC safe. If it happened for you to detect this rogue installed into the system of your computer, please remove Personal Guard 2009 immediately!

One Response to “Personal Guard 2009”

  1. Rebecca Read says:

    Help me please. I bought it, removed it crashed my system had it repaird, and now would like to contact them to get a refund. Would you believe the phone # from them is a fake? Big surprise there. Has anyone been able to get a refund from them? or to contact them? I also find it interesting that the original website is gone.

    If anyone can help, I’s appreciate it.
    thank you, Rebecca