Personal Internet Security 2011


Personal Internet Security 2011 is a fake antispyware program that spreads on computers through Trojans and pretends to be a security tool. The program uses a fake scanner right when you restart your computer and claims that your system is infected with a bunch of different infections. Personal Internet Security 2011 offers purchasing its full version in order to get rid of all infections that have been reported.

In reality the scanner gives a list of files that have been created by the same Trojan that installed Personal Internet security 2011. These files are absolutely harmless and you shouldn’t worry about them. The Trojan creates them just because later Personal Internet Security 2011 had something to report about. Additionally you will receive a bunch of different security notifications, pop up ads warning that you system is badly infected. as you see, the program will do everything to make you think your system is badly infected.

You are strongly recommended removing Personal Internet Security 2011 with a reputable antispyware program as soon as you detect it on your system. If you have made a payment for it by mistake, please contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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