Personal Security


There are few things that you should know about Personal Security software. First of all, it’s not a legitimate application. PersonalSecurity uses reports fake infections and displays fake security alerts just to scare you into purchasing the program. In other words, this software is nothing more but a scam. Secondly, Personal Security is pushed mostly through the use of Trojans or other malicious software. Social engineering is also widely used to distribute this malware. For example, the scammers use Facebook or IM for sending links to misleading websites. Those websites are usually fake online scanners or supposedly provide online videos of well know TV shows. If you want to watch their videos, you have to install a codec or flash player updates. But don’t be fooled, those updates are actually Trojans that will later download and install Personal Security onto your computer.

Once installed, Personal Security will supposedly scan your computer and display a huge list of infections that will be removed only if you pay for a full version of the program. What is more, the rogue application will flood your PC with very annoying and of course also fake security alerts. Those alerts will state that your computer is infected and that you should activate Personal Security to remove the infections. Most importantly, do not purchase this crap. Then use an anti-spyware application and remove Personal Security from the system as soon as possible. Please note that removal delay will only worsen the situation because this malware is able to download more viruses on your PC.?


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