Personal Shield Pro


Personal Shield Pro is a rogue antivirus program that spread son the machines with a help of Trojan viruses and pretends being a reliable antivirus program. The application is a complete clone of Antivirus Scan and Antivirus .NET application that I have already talked about a while ago.

Personal Shield Pro uses Trojan viruses in order to infiltrate into computer without any users knowledge or their permission. Once it gets inside, Personal Shield Pro is configured to be loaded with each system reboot. The application uses its fake scanner which imitates looking for infections and even provides a list of them with an offer to purchase a full version of a program in order to get rid of all infections.

Personal Shield Pro also uses fake pop up online casino ads warning that your system has some security issues. Actually the program only wants to make you purchase Personal Shield Pro and get money from you.

Please do not fall for this scam. You are highly advised to get rid of Personal Shield Pro with a reputable antispyware program as soon as possible. If you have paid for it, make sure to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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